jueves, 9 de agosto de 2012

Grant Nelson Anthology - Part. 1 (1999-2006)

Part I of IV where I've chosen & mixed a selection of my own productions & remixes from over the years.

I did this back in 2007 and at the time had to keep it short as it was originally done for myspace. One day i'll redo this letting a bit more of the tracks play and adding a few more tracks to it.

PART I - HOUSE (1999-2006)

01) "Bodyswerve" (Full Vox Mix) M-Gee feat. Mica Paris

02) "Feel The Music" Grant Nelson

03) "My Life" (Grant Nelson Neo-Funk Mix) Chanel

04) "Ethnicity Part 3" (Java & Newman Re-Edit) Grant Nelson

05) "Origins" (Neo-Funk Mix) Nu Rhythmix

06) "River Song" (Grant Nelson Remix) Bebel Gilberto

07) "Life" (Discovery Mix) Grant Nelson

08) "Spellbound" Grant Nelson

09) "So Special" Grant Nelson

10) "Fade" (Grant Nelson's Big Room Mix) Solu Music feat. Kimblee

11) "The Sound" Grant Nelson

12) "Cada Vez" (Grant Nelson Vocal Mix) Negrocan

13) "Free" Grant Nelson

14) "Rise Up" (Grant Nelson's Big Room Mix) Sunkids feat. Chance

15) "Babylon [Into a Groove]" (Alex Romano Re-Work) Nu Rhythmix

16) "Runaway" (Grant Nelson Remix) Jamiroquai

17) "Anytime" (Grant Nelson Remix) Gregory Del Piero feat. LZ Love

18) "Melody" (Grant Nelson M25 Remix) Towa Tei feat. Byron Stingly

19) "Always & Forever" (Grant Nelson Vocal Mix) Chocolate Puma

20) "Second Guess" (Grant Nelson Remix) Reel People feat. Jag

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